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Halifax Turf Installation

Installing Turf is a highly effective way to save water and money, regardless of the size and dimensions of your yard. Easy to install and maintain, our artificial grass products can help homeowners maximize their home investment and transform unused areas into functional living spaces.

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Professional Turf Installation for Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Landscaping Pros can help you save some serious time and money. Think for a second of the time it takes to ensure your continuity with lawn mowing, irrigation, and fertilization every week, every month, even every year. Now think of all the money that all the maintenance costs. You can do it yourself or hire a service to do it for you, and how well does your front yard or backyard look? Most of the people in Halifax have problems with brown garden, huge water bills, dead spots, dogs and other pets carrying wet mud to your home. And the list goes on and on. Now imagine a second of looking on perfect living, lush, green synthetic grass for a year! You will never have to mow, water or fertilize your front or backyard again. In addition, you will also be contributing to water saving, which is a serious problem in Nova Scotia! Think of all the time and money you’ll save with your artificial lawn!
Turf Installation


  • No muddy footprints or pet claws tracked to your home!
  • No grass maintenance fees!
  • Excellent looking grass throughout the year!
  • Pet and children friendly!
  • Low Maintenance Costs!
  • No Muddy Grass!
  • Saves Time!
  • Saves Water!
  • Eco-Friendly!
Halifax Landscaping Pros artificial turf service in Halifax is committed to providing homeowners with superior quality synthetic turf products and expert installation service. Halifax Landscaping Pros is a leading founder of artificial grass landscaping lawn in Halifax. We have installed hundreds of residential and commercial artificial turfs. Halifax Landscaping Pros distinguishes itself from other synthetic lawn companies, making sure that the customer is fully informed about various lawn products and installation procedures. Halifax Landscaping Pros is a trusted artificial lawn and turf installation company based in Halifax. We want to make sure you get the right lawn according to your specific needs and lifestyle. We guarantee our turf installation service and products for a lifetime. Halifax Landscaping Pros turf installation service is a solution to your regular lawn maintenance problems. Our artificial turf installers are skilled in designing the most advanced and realistic artificial grass lawns in Nova Scotia. Halifax Landscaping Pros makes sure that each turf installation is done correctly. If you want to improve your golf game or have a better lawn for your family, Halifax Landscaping Pros artificial turf installation is your answer. If you are a business owner, Halifax Landscaping Pros can help you save a lot of many. Artificial turfs require no maintenance, thus saving money and time!

Always Green, Always Turf

Our artificial grass is guaranteed for life. Artificial turfs turn a dusty or muddy area into a clean green grassy area, keeping in mind your daily traffic and usage. It also greatly improves the braking of your homes’ appeals and can increase the value of the house. So if you’re looking for turf installation for your home or synthetic grass that gives the green color. Halifax Landscaping Pros have protected you.

  • How Much Does Turf Installation Cost in Halifax, NS?

    Turf Installation in Halifax costs about $4,654, with average prices ranging from $2,734 to $6,574 in the Nova Scotia for 2020 according to HomeAdvisor. If you would like to learn more about costs, please visit our blog post: Turf Installation Costs 2020
  • How do I choose a good Turf Installation Expert in Halifax?

    Make sure you do your homework first. research your local landscaper options and compare them to each other. Know what you want and make sure you can explain your dream or vision. Keep your options open, Ask around with people you know or trust. Make sure the personality traits are right for you.
  • How long will artificial grass last?

    Depending on the volume of traffic in the area where the turf is laid, artificial turf can last between 20-25 years of hassle free maintenance.
  • How much does Sod Installation Cost?

    It costs between  to $1 to $2 a square foot, or $2,000 to $4,000 for 2,000 square feet, If you decide to go with a pro for installation
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