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We are a family business and have been serving Sackville landscapes for years. We offer a wide range of services in and around Sackville.

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What Makes Our Landscaping Service Unique?

Family Business
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Locally Sourced Grass, Flowers, And Plants

We understand that choosing a contractor who will work in your home is a big decision. It takes time and trust to decide and compare different landscape design and construction company in Sackville.

From affordable to luxurious veneers, we can offer a range of hardscape services in Sackville, including: patios, brick and parquet flooring.

About Our Company


Halifax Landscaping Pros is a professional, reliable landscaping-service family business.


For years, Our company successfully created and established landscapes, lawns and gardens in Sackville NS, and has a reputation for quality, service and professional skilled labor.




We can guarantee that we can respond to your every need.


We work to the highest standards and offer a friendly, honest and expert service, and our business is growing rapidly as a result of customer satisfaction and subsequent advice.




Up to the value of our customers and ultimately the world service recommended by most of our business.


We have completed many projects, from bespoke landscaping features to more complex bespoke coating designs, so we will offer you a professional and quality product, regardless of your requirements.


Easy, reliable and excellent service


Years of experience have been combined with a real desire to offer creative, well-built, outstanding gardens that give our customers dramatic and beautiful results.


We design and implement wonderful landscape gardens of all shapes and sizes.


We pride ourselves on being flexible with our approach. We will listen to your ideas and requirements and propose a solution that is right for you.




Our Landscape Services Includes


  • Patios – natural stone experts.
  • Multi-layered flooring, softwood, and parquet flooring.
  • Walls, decorative and structural retaining
  • Walls – including stonework, steelwork, plaster, oak and polished concrete.
  • Lighting – various lighting effects, remote and online switching, water lamps and integrated garden lighting systems.
  • Pools, water features, and waterways – including natural wildlife pools, water fountains and circulatory water properties.
  • Summer homes, garden offices, pergolas, and garden furniture.
  • Stone and special effects paths and steps.
  • Planting design, plant supply, and garden planting.

breathe new life into your Sackville garden

We offers a well-designed landscape space for entertainment, relaxation, and other functions. By using the right color selection, plant, tree, flooring and a unique masterpiece we create the perfect landscapes in Sackville.

Combination Of Different Materials

From brick and block flooring, paving stone and luxury finishes, including affordable sandstone and slate. We can provide a variety of patio services in Sackville, including flooring plates.

Combining a range of different materials is often the best solution for a functional and attractive coating, and we can offer a variety of solutions to choose from.

Our Results Exceed Your Expectations

We can choose and establish grass suitable for needs and use such as pets, children, sports, general purposes, ornaments, and care. We can also repair damaged grass and ensure that your lawn is treated and fed all year round.

From the leveling of your garden to the soil feeding for the development of your lawn, to the actual flooring of a new lawn. You can be sure that the results will be exactly what you are looking for.

For your space and personal tastes

We can help build ‘off-shelf’ solutions or create features specifically designed for your space and personal tastes.

Being customer-oriented, since our goal is always to provide 100% customer satisfaction, we work with our customers from beginning to end.

Therefore, we can guarantee that we can meet your every need.

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