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We are the most trusted landscape design company based in Timberlea. We specialize in the design and construction of all major landscaping projects in Nova Scotia.

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Timberlea’s Premier Landscaping Design & Construction Company!

Our Company acknowledges that Timberlea is unique and Each landscape is special with the size and scope of the work that may be required. However, we have not forgotten the basics of the company’s core philosophy:

Quality, And Integrity
Innovative Designs
Precise Execution
Top Customer Service
Attention To The Smallest Detail
Cost-effective Installation

Landscaping, lawn maintenance, and challenging garden makeovers are among the most reliable services in Timberlea. After years of expertise in Timberlea landscaping, our staff has paid excellent attention to detail. And works quickly and efficiently to shape your bare land into amazing landscapes. On our first visit to your Timberlea home or business, we offer you a comprehensive grass assessment. We then carefully monitor each visit so you have full knowledge of your landscape garden, terrace, and lawn.

Our Company recipe for comprehensive inspections, professional solutions, and advice to create a lush and green grass is what you will love. These has received numerous acknowledgment from Landscape Nova Scotia over the past few years for our landscape work. We are proud to build the projects we have done for all our customers. We strive to ensure that all our Timberlea hardscape and special feature designs are delivered with utmost excellence and quality. From a very simple garden road, patio or retaining wall to all landscape design and site development for your home and business. We can handle projects of all sizes.

It works with ideas and budgets to develop your dream design. Halifax Landscaping Pros provides Timberlea landscape design and construct solutions. That allows customers to create an outdoor space that addresses the customer’s lifestyle needs and desires while complementing nature and people.

Timberlea’s Leading Hardscape Design And Maintenance Company


Halifax Landscaping Pros, is a service leader in landscaping construction and maintenance in the Timberlea area.


By combining individual experience and areas of expertise We provide professional consulting, design, quality craftsmanship and superior customer service in Timberlea. We help make dreams come true when it comes to your lawn and property.


Our Company has created a unique service in the Timberlea landscape construction field.


It is the most trusted landscape company in Timberlea and all around Nova Scotia.


We are a company that provides for its clients the realization and completion of Design-Build Timberlea Landscaping projects in both residential and commercial environments.


Our Company prides itself on understanding a customer’s needs and budget and working closely with them to make dream projects real.


Our strong background in both Architecture and Engineering is our unique ability of. We combine exclusive design solutions that make our customer’s Projects both personal and inclusive with that wow factor.


These experiences and continuous training also enable our Timberlea landscapers to cope with all kinds of landscape design and construction services. Sometimes we create quick and concise solutions that may arise throughout the project.

What are we going to do?

Halifax Landscaping Pros are the innovators who design and build the perfect outdoor space that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Using a unique approach, we design and construct Timberlea landscapes that will make you proud.

There are 3 ways can help make your dream garden come true:


As professional landscaping landscapes, we are very happy to maintain your Timberlea landscape in a direction-by-direction and budget plan. By interpreting your own landscape design ideas or your garden designer’s plans, we can take care of your lawn and turfs.

We have an experienced team that fully understands the Timberlea landscapes. We ensure that our regular maintenance keeps your garden stays in the best possible way porch over the years. 

Design and Structure

By designing an impressive garden that you can enjoy over the years, we offer a fully integrated design and construction service to create an entirely new outdoor space. We can offer a design developed by explaining your preferences and what you want from your landscaping area.

Based on our experience and closely following the latest trends and developments in landscape design and construction. We have the ability to transform your garden, rooftop, terrace, and courtyard into your dream landscape.

One-time projects

We can finally offer one-on-one projects. This includes things like a new patio, a flooring area, a decorative wall, pergola or a special water feature. They are all produced to the highest standards using a wide range of landscaping materials.

Whichever Timberlea landscape service you choose, fantastic customer service and highest quality construction service are guaranteed. 

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