Landscaping Services in Halifax, NS.

Our landscaping services beautify anything from planting flowers, trees and shrubs, to building patios, stone structures, walkways, fireplaces, and outdoor awnings.

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Landscape Maintenance

Halifax Landscaping Pros can provide customers with lawn services to keep their yards groomed and maintained to the highest order. Our experts know how to design flower beds and gardens to increase a property’s value. When you hire us for a scheduled landscape maintenance call, you aren’t just paying us for our labor, but also for working knowledge of the plants and flowers that grow in the area.

For commercial enterprises, our company can do maintenance work on their lawns and gardens. We have groomed golf courses and operated maintenance of parks

Our residential services involves mowing the lawn; trimming the weeds; planting flowers, shrubs and trees; and trimming the hedges and trees.

Halifax landscaping Pros offer landscape services to Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville, Spryfield, Timberlea, Cole harbor and throughout mainland Nova Scotia’s residential and commercial customers. We will manage your grass, flower, and tree beds as a full-service lawn and landscaping company; mow, fertilize, and maintain your grass; and provide a variety of other services that will make your landscaping look the best. We can manage your full lawn care services or simply perform as-needed specialty services to keep your property looking great all year round.


We will mow your grass as needed seasonally with this landscaping maintenance service. We’re also going to cut the edge shrubs by sidewalks and clean the surface clippings so your land looks clean and maintained.

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is an essential maintenance service for landscaping that decreases soil compaction and allows fertilizers to embellish your turf.

Annual Planting

In any season, we can plant a variety of annual flowers and plants in your landscape.


This service prepares beds for planting by cultivating the soil and applying appropriate soil modifications to assist with annual growth.


Any gardener knows the importance of fertilization, without it plants die. We will fertilize your lawn to keep it looking its best. If required, we can also carry out any spot treatments to encourage proper growth of the lawn.

Leaf Removal

We will clear fallen leaves from your landscaping beds as well as from the lawn areas.

Trimming And Pruning

With this service, all shrubs, plants and ornamental grasses will be trimmed and pruned to ensure good plant health and form.

Tree And Shrub Care

To ensure health and prevent disease or insects, we will apply a number of treatments to your trees and shrubs.

Over Seeding

After aeration, we can perform over-seeding services to ensure a healthy and complete lawn.

Weed Care

As part of our landscape maintenance services, by hand weeding and applying weed control treatments to your flower and plant beds, we can help minimize and manage weeds in your landscaping.

Irrigation Maintenance

While the system is on, we will check your irrigation system monthly to ensure proper coverage and operation.

Landscape Design

Landscaping isn’t just focused on one apsect of lawn care. Landscapers are experienced in various areas, like planting flowers, trees and shrubs to building patios, stone structures, walkways, fireplaces and outdoor awnings..

Halifax Landscaping Pros are skilled in micro climate landscape installations for residential or commercial properties of Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville, Spryfield, Timberlea, Cole harbor and throughout mainland Nova Scotia. We will bring your vision to life whether starting from bare ground or renovating an existing landscape.

We provide a wide range of landscaping options available to consumers and businesses in today’s water-conscious world. Drought-tolerant, native plants, water-wise, low-maintenance, xeriscape, and water conservation are all concepts that we at Halifax Landscaping Pros inculcate— and we are ready to help our clients understand how those ideas can work for them.

Low Water

less water needing plants give rise to landscaping ideas with minimal water requirement that can be fulfilled with natural rainfall and can grow or thrive without water for long periods of time.

Local Plants

Using native plants can keep your garden look lush and healthy throughout the year. They are the plants, shrubs, and trees that grazed the landscape of Nova Scotia long before settlers appeared with other plants and a garden hose. They are resistant to most infestations and can derive nutrients from the natural land.

Low Maintenance

In order to remain appealing, all landscaping jobs need some maintenance. While a garden definitely boosts the curb appeal of your home, a lot of your free time is also wasted. Our landscaping expert design landscape ideas that do not need as much maintenance and will still look good with bare minimum maintenance.

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