More and more people nowadays are placing a greater emphasis on the exterior of their home, while maintaining a very minimalistic interior. There is no doubt that the way a home is decorated and designed matters a lot, but the first thing that people always notice is the exterior portion of the house. It’s only natural considering that it’s the first thing anyone actually visually sees when they look at a house.

Somehow, wanting to create the best first impression translated into people striving for a beautiful landscape for their home. However, landscaping goes beyond the visual element and the aesthetic pleasure one feels. Other than improving quality of life, your garden will also enjoy a much more nutrient-rich and bountiful life. There are practical applications as well, such as installing a walkway that can prevent dirt and mud from coming inside the house or using hanging plants to allow for privacy.

Proper landscape design can also help increase the value of your house. Spending all that money on landscaping could mean a much better return when you sell your house down the line.

What is landscape design?

What is landscape Design?

Landscape design itself is a profession. Bridging the gap between landscape architecture and garden design, landscape designers work to create the most visually appealing exterior to your home. By using the natural landscape of your home and adding fixtures, plants, and grass, a landscape designer will create a paradise in your backyard.

Landscape designers take on a very involved role and are present for the entire process, from conception to final construction. Many people are also misinformed that landscape design is limited only to plants, grass, and gardens. Landscape design has anything and everything to do with anything and everything that can be found outside your home and can be included in your garden design. This includes swimming pools, walkways, conifers for privacy, an entertainment area, outdoor seating, BBQ pit, etc.

Can I do the job myself?

Can I do Landscape Design on my own?

While you can plant flowers, mow your lawn, and install fixtures on your own, it is recommended you hire a professional to design and construct your desired landscape. A professional landscape designer will cost a bit more, but you save a lot of time and money. With a busy schedule, it won’t be easy to run from store to store buying all the equipment, seeds, fixtures, and furniture. You might also need to get permits and approvals depending on the landscaping work you’re going to undertake.

A professional landscape designer will handle all the heavy lifting and will sort out any permits and approvals that you may need. Furthermore, because a professional has training and education, you’ll end up with a more artistic and quality finish to the project. A Landscaping professional will also ensure that the job is carried out safely. DIY projects tend to end up either as a failure or, at best, with a few accidents and mistakes.

What kind of costs to expect?

Landscaping Design Costs what to expect

The cost of the landscape design would depend on many different variables such as the area you live in, the size of your house, the type of landscape you want to achieve, the competence of the designer, the time the project would take, and many other similar considerations.  Landscape designs with a pool, patio, and BBQ pit would cost a lot more than one that simply has shrubbery and flower beds.

So, the cost would depend on your wants and, more importantly, your budget. Sit down with your landscape designer to assess the approximate costs of the project. Discuss your vision and make sure all bases have been covered in the cost assessment. Check out our blog “Landscaping Costs” to get a better breakdown of the actual cost estimates.

How long does it take to complete a landscape project?

How long does it take to complete a landscape design project?

Like the costs, the time the project takes depends on several factors as well. You need to consider the size and complexity of the project, the area where you live and the permits and approvals that come with it, and the things you want to be included in your landscape such as patios, swimming pool, garden, and walkways.

As far as coming up with a mock design is concerned, your landscape designer should have something for your review within two weeks of meeting with them. You are looking at a few months in any case for the project to achieve completion. If the designer has a big team that is well-equipped, then the time span could be a matter of weeks rather than months.

What helps in saving time the most is open communication between you and your landscape designer. Be very clear about your vision for the project from the beginning and be open about your budget as well. This will help the designer in giving you a timeframe for the project’s completion. If there’s miscommunication and something isn’t done right, then you’ll have to wait even longer for the project to be complete.

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