Many content creators use video streaming platforms to showcase their skills and gain an online audience. A popular trend these days is for homeowners to perform their landscaping with the help of DIY tutorials over the internet.

Although landscaping may look and feel simple enough to see on the video, it’s a grueling and precise task that requires a licensed landscape contractor for the best results. For this reason, an amateur homeowner who chooses to do their landscaping without the proper training could sabotage their project by needing expensive renovation costs to pick up from where they left off.

Why you should hire a licensed landscaping contractor

Licensed landscaping contractors are legally certified to perform both hard and softscape refurbishing services to homeowners. They go through rigorous hours of training, education, and experience before they’re allowed by the state to perform their job. Some homeowners choose to take the project for granted by getting unlicensed, yet cheaper landscaping services from a sub-contractor. That can lead to disastrous results, depending on the scope of the renovation project.

If you’re still convinced that you can save money by settling for less, here are three reasons you should let a licensed landscaping contractor do it.

1. They have proper insurance

Did you know that if an unlicensed contractor gets injured on your property, they can sue you for damages? On the other hand, if you hire a certified landscaping contractor, they are required by law to have liability insurance and bond insurance. These requirements are all part of their trade license requirements, to ensure that they won’t be in danger of themselves or their clients.

2. They have the right mindset

A recurring argument that homeowners use in doing their landscaping themselves is that it allows them to have the freedom to work whenever they want. Although this may be an advantage in small-scale projects, such as making gardening plots and setting up storage sheds, this can prove problematic for large-scale renovations.

The benefit of having your own time can make you feel lazy and uncommitted to finish your project on a set deadline, making it a pain to finish. On the other hand, a licensed professional will follow a systematic plan to approach your project. That includes mapping out the project in separate tasks that have a clear set deadline.

3. They have the right training and expertise

Some softscaping projects are generally embellishments that are simple enough to do without altering the structure of your property. However, hardscaping projects, such as fountain and pool installations, can prove to be much more complicated.

Instead of fumbling around on taking a crash course on plumbing basics and rerouting your home’s water pipelines, a licensed landscaping contractor has the training and expertise to handle your landscaping needs. That allows you to just focus on the material expenses and labor costs instead of putting in the work of spending hours to understand the landscaping concepts of the project that you want to add to your home.


Although you have the freedom to do home refurnishing projects on your own or with the help of an unlicensed contractor, it will never match the same standard and precision that professional contractors can offer. As a homeowner, you should learn how to choose your battles when it comes to considering the time and resources you’ll spend concerning the quality of output you’ll receive.

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