For any homeowner who loves their landscaping and has a great fondness for nature, nothing could possibly bring a home’s greenery together than planting all the right trees. Given the importance of trees in the ecosystem and the overall look of your home’s garden, you would never want to put a tree in harm’s way by making these common tree care mistakes.

As much as you would go out of your way to protect them, there’s one truth about keeping them safe that you shouldn’t ignore: You might be hurting them in ways you didn’t expect.

Common missteps you need to avoid when taking care of your trees

No matter how small some actions can be, the truth is that even the smallest mistakes can severely harm your tree in the long run. Thankfully, avoiding such mistakes can be done as long as you know what to look out for!

If you’ve got a few trees in your care and want to make sure that they’re thriving in their environment, here are a few common tree care missteps to watch out for and avoid:

Mistake #1: Girdling your trees

Among all the different tree care mistakes you can make when taking care of your trees, none could be as detrimental for their growth as trying to girdle them to get a bigger yield next harvest.

While it sounds great to get more fruit from your trees, the reality of this age-old practice is that it’s responsible for killing a significant amount of them today. This practice is as harmful as can be for tree health because the process of stripping the bark off from the trunk hampers the flow of nutrients from the leaves to the roots, which leads to a slow and painful death.

Mistake #2: Planting your trees close together

3 Tree Care Mistakes Any Halifax Homeowner Should Avoid

Although it may seem like an innocent mistake at first, planting your trees close together puts all the plants involved in a predicament that doesn’t do any of them good.

Know that your trees need personal space to thrive and become large, healthy, and beautiful as you’ve always envisioned them to be. Cutting out the amount of space between them, for the most part, is harmful because the lack of space can cause each tree’s sprawling roots to get in the way of each other, resulting in diminished growth.

If you’ve planted your trees a little too close to each other, then you may want to consider hiring the services of a professional landscaping expert—such as Halifax Landscaping Pros—to safely and effectively get the job done for you!

Mistake #3: Putting a serving of mulch close to the trunk

Yes, mulch is something that you want to be giving your trees if helping them grow to become big, beautiful, and lively is on your agenda. However, putting it too close to a tree’s trunk can create excessive amounts of moisture that will damage it. 

Although it’s a great source of “food” for your trees because it conserves moisture, prevents loss of nutrients, and balances out soil temperature, the reality is that there’s still room to go wrong with mulch. When you put too much of this substance awfully close to your tree’s trunk, you can rob it of necessary structural soundness to last for a long time!


While you might love to see your trees grow to become towering, appealing, and dependable natural fixtures, there are a few tree care mistakes that can lead to unwanted results when caring for them. By taking note of the three blunders mentioned above, however, you can avoid cutting your trees’ lives short and make sure that they get to grow as healthily as possible!

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